I Love You, Too

My husband does construction for a living. Yesterday he was in an accident that knocked his truck out of commission. It’s ok though. He’s fine and we have an SUV we’ve been saving for the boys, once they get their license.

It’s not his favorite vehicle to drive, but it will get him to and from his work until we know if his truck can be fixed.

This morning, as I was waiting for my life group to start, I was talking to two friends who asked how Mike was doing.

I explained he was sore, but otherwise doing fine. He was upset with himself for what had happened, but he understands accidents happen, so he wasn’t beating himself up over it. “It’s just a truck”, he says. It will get fixed.

As I was filling them in on what had happened, they both shared how their heart ached for him when they had learned what had happened.

Mike doesn’t ask for much. All he’s wanted was a truck and nine months ago, he got one. And it’s not one of those brand new, great big fancy dancy, 4x4s. No, but it was nice and it was his.

They offered to let him borrow one of their trucks until his was fixed, but I explained that we had the SUV for him. Although, we were concerned about the tires. We knew they needed to be replaced before any of our kids drove it, but since no one seemed very anxious to start driving anytime soon, we just hadn’t gotten around to it.

I left knowing we had a back up.

After my life group, I came home to tell my husband about the offer, as I waited until noon to pick up some chairs from a friend.

This last Fourth of July, we had a great big celebration at our house that included 90 of our closest friends. This friend had offered to let us borrow some of her chairs for the event.

Earlier this week I had learned that her family was moving to take advantage of a great opportunity that was offered to them. They were selling everything. I gave her a call and asked if by chance she was selling those chairs. She was.

Before leaving to get the them, I asked my poor sore husband if he would like to ride along with me. Not really feeling up to it, but knowing how much I enjoy his company, he agreed.

We jumped into the SUV.

Now my friend doesn’t live far, but it was farther than what he was expecting. I had forgotten he didn’t know she and her family had just moved a few months ago.

As we pull up to her driveway I suddenly remembered when I picked the chairs up the first time, I was in my four-door sedan. We didn’t need to drive the SUV. But Mike quickly reminded me, if we took the car, we would have had to empty the trunk.

Oh, that’s right.

I jumped out, got caught up briefly with my friend and her husband, then grabbed the chairs from the side of her house where I had dropped them off a month ago.

I joked with her that it would have been more convenient if I was one of those friends that held on to things they borrow for months so then I could have just dropped off the money since the chairs would still be at my house.

After loading up, my husband and I were back on our way home with me filling him in on the amazing adventure my friends were about to begin.

Then there was a POP!

You guessed it. A flat tire.

I quickly pulled into the first driveway. And my husband went to town on changing the tire.

Quick little side note…

Praise God for kids who don’t bring their beach towels into the house after swimming trips from Grandma’s. And Homeless Packs that have umbrellas in them.

Mid day blowout in the Arizona sun, they were a lifesaver, although my husband still looked like he might die.

As I watch my amazing husband fast at work I couldn’t help but thank God.

Thank you God for keeping my husband safe in his accident.

Thank you for blessing us with an extra vehicle to get him around.

Thank you for awesome friends who offer us their vehicle.

Thank you for letting me forget I didn’t need to bring the SUV.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to drive the SUV a short distance from our house.

Thank you for not letting my husband drive the SUV to work on this tire.

Thank you for letting my husband ride with me.

And most importantly, thank you so much for allowing my husband to pick me. I think he’s awesome. I think he’s amazing. I think he’s humble. I think he’s strong. I think he’s brave. I think he’s caring. I think he’s the best man for me!

Lord, thank you. I see what you’ve done here. Thank you.

I love you, too.

Who is this Man?

My husband is so amazing.

Sometimes, I truly feel bad for him, but oh my gosh, how much he has grown!

We have a daughter who usually once a week tells me, “MOM! I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA!” Instantly, I get this pit in my stomach, because I know whatever her idea is, it’s going to push me as a mom.

It’s why we celebrate Yay Day, every July 24th. It’s why she’s been going to “Prom” every May for the past three years, even though she’s only 11. It’s why we had our first community ice cream social in our neighborhood park. It’s why I ran Girls’ Club for twelve, seven to eleven year olds, every other Friday for so many years.

Yay Day IMG_20170329_064131

She pushes me to be the mom I’m suppose to be, instead of being the one I would rather settle being. After five boys, she’s the one who grows me, not only as a mother, but as a person.

So, one day I asked my husband, when I come to him and tell him, “I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA!” does he get that same pit in his stomach that I do when my daughter comes to me?

My husband is a man of very few words, so when he responded with, “Yes,” I heard, “It’s exactly like that!”

But you know what? He never tells me no. And I try really hard, not to abuse that.

Once in while we have to modify my plans to make him feel more comfortable, and the things I’ve gotten him to do over the years have been pretty crazy… but he’s growing!

I’m so proud I’ve married a man who’s open to stepping out of his comfort zone and to grow his faith with me.

This month has been our sixth year anniversary.

I had absolutely no idea how we were going to celebrate.

Last year, we spent the weekend in Oceanside, California with our nephew and bride. It was an amazing trip.


This year, I don’t know, it wasn’t like I was looking for something special for us to do. So it’s not like I intentionally planned anything, but three weeks before the date, God dropped this idea on me.

It was an idea to celebrate our life together as a couple, with our friends. But in lieu of gifts we asked for our friends if they would participate in a Service Scavenger Hunt. We threw in the BBQ at the end of the event to help him feel more comfortable.

More comfortable? My husband is terrified of people! It means he has to talk. Then there is the whole “being a good host”. And it’s in the middle of Nascar!

But he’s been doing it for me. I can’t count how many BBQs we’ve hosted on our driveway for our friends, family and neighbors, during the past three years.


He’s growing!

And what was once outside his comfort zone, he’s asking if we could add to our anniversary celebration.

“Who is this man?” I ask with excitement!

He’s someone who, as we grow closer to God, we’re also growing closer together.

I love this man! Happy Anniversary, Honey!