Ice Breaker

Last night’s Girls’ Club Ice Breaker was so much fun! It was just like old times. Felt like no time had past at all!

The girls were so cute as they came in, one at a time, each got a hug from everyone who was there. Then they talked about how they have changed.

I was so impressed with their maturity. When it was time to start, I had everyone’s attention. That has never happened before. Maybe the break was good for them too.

We worked on making sleeping mats for the homeless. They were super excited to be apart of a team that plans on making 20 of them by Christmas.

The girls were so attentive as they watched carefully how to fold their bags just right and where exactly they place their cuts. I thought it was funny when they would express their concerns, whenever they accidently cut it wrong, or tore it while looping them together. We only had like a bazzion more  plastic bags.

I was super excited we had a new guest who was an awesome help to me. I don’t think either one of us knew how valuable her time with us would be. Miss Marci came just to see how we put these plastic bags together to make these mats, but she stayed to help show the girls how completely capable the girls really are. We were all so excited she came.

We also had Miss Kelsey come back to assist too. She’s always a big help! THANK YOU MISS KELSEY!

So, the night ended with dancing, because we almost always end with dancing. We did a little Whip and a little Na Na and a whole lot of fun!


I’m hoping I can figure out how to put some pictures on here, but my tech support happens to be out in the field working, so that may not happen until he gets home…I mean, back in the office. (Hey Honey, if you read this, would you mind helping me later? Love you!)

Until then, Butterfly and I are getting ready to meet our girlfriends for coffee. It’s her first time and SHE’S SO EXCITED! So, I gotta go. Bye!