Never Traveled This Way Before

… giving these instructions to the people: “When you see the Levitical priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God, move out from your positions and follow them. Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you. Stay about half a mile behind them, keeping a clear distance between you and the Ark. Make sure you don’t come any closer.” – Joshua 3:3-4 

It caught my attention when they were heading into the land God was giving them, Joshua told Israel the Ark will be their guide, since they’ve never traveled this way before.  Made me think about how they moaned and groaned about wandering the wilderness. They probably didn’t need a guide while they were there since they had been wandering for 40 years. They probably knew it forward and back. It made me think about how God might be trying to teach us lessons when we find ourselves in the same predicament time after time, and we complain about it just the same. 

We need a guide to lead us where we’ve never traveled before, too. When we start following God, we are led into his promises.

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