Day 4, Again

Father of my son,

Lord, thank you loving my son, even more than I love him. Sometimes this is the only comfort I have.

I love hearing him tell me he knows you work in his life. I love hearing that he has cried out to you.

As I sit and listen to him, I pray to you that you would give me the strength to accept what he is telling me. I tell you I’m afraid to hear what he has to say.  And then, from nowhere, I hear you in my son’s voice. He tells me he has asked you to help him, and he knows that is what is happening.

Lord, I’ve been praying this same prayer for a long time. I have asked others to help me pray for the same thing. But hearing him tell me he is praying too, eases my soul.

You are a Father of promises. I call on them often. I hold them deep within me. I often scream them when I feel alone. Please let them give my son the comfort they give me.

Father, God, my prayer tonight is that he can hear you in me, as I have heard you in him. Please continue to give me the strength to know my son and help me be brave enough to sit in his darkness, with him. I don’t want him to be alone.

Your scared daughter,


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