Who is this Man?

My husband is so amazing.

Sometimes, I truly feel bad for him, but oh my gosh, how much he has grown!

We have a daughter who usually once a week tells me, “MOM! I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA!” Instantly, I get this pit in my stomach, because I know whatever her idea is, it’s going to push me as a mom.

It’s why we celebrate Yay Day, every July 24th. It’s why she’s been going to “Prom” every May for the past three years, even though she’s only 11. It’s why we had our first community ice cream social in our neighborhood park. It’s why I ran Girls’ Club for twelve, seven to eleven year olds, every other Friday for so many years.

Yay Day IMG_20170329_064131

She pushes me to be the mom I’m suppose to be, instead of being the one I would rather settle being. After five boys, she’s the one who grows me, not only as a mother, but as a person.

So, one day I asked my husband, when I come to him and tell him, “I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA!” does he get that same pit in his stomach that I do when my daughter comes to me?

My husband is a man of very few words, so when he responded with, “Yes,” I heard, “It’s exactly like that!”

But you know what? He never tells me no. And I try really hard, not to abuse that.

Once in while we have to modify my plans to make him feel more comfortable, and the things I’ve gotten him to do over the years have been pretty crazy… but he’s growing!

I’m so proud I’ve married a man who’s open to stepping out of his comfort zone and to grow his faith with me.

This month has been our sixth year anniversary.

I had absolutely no idea how we were going to celebrate.

Last year, we spent the weekend in Oceanside, California with our nephew and bride. It was an amazing trip.


This year, I don’t know, it wasn’t like I was looking for something special for us to do. So it’s not like I intentionally planned anything, but three weeks before the date, God dropped this idea on me.

It was an idea to celebrate our life together as a couple, with our friends. But in lieu of gifts we asked for our friends if they would participate in a Service Scavenger Hunt. We threw in the BBQ at the end of the event to help him feel more comfortable.

More comfortable? My husband is terrified of people! It means he has to talk. Then there is the whole “being a good host”. And it’s in the middle of Nascar!

But he’s been doing it for me. I can’t count how many BBQs we’ve hosted on our driveway for our friends, family and neighbors, during the past three years.


He’s growing!

And what was once outside his comfort zone, he’s asking if we could add to our anniversary celebration.

“Who is this man?” I ask with excitement!

He’s someone who, as we grow closer to God, we’re also growing closer together.

I love this man! Happy Anniversary, Honey!

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