My Distraction

I’ve been so distracted.

Not that what I’ve been doing has been a bad thing. I just haven’t been able to do everything I want; everything I have been doing.

Stuff that I had been doing, good stuff, like walking five miles a day, making sleeping mats for the homeless, reading my Bible; looking for scripture for the Peacemaker idea, and writing consistently on my blog, has not been getting done.

What have I been doing instead? Mostly? Creating. Crocheting, specifically, but ultimately creating.

I love creating! Taking a long piece of yarn and turning it into something useful. Turning it into something beautiful.

Often when I’m trying to make something my first time, I end up taking it apart like at least five, six times. Ok, probably more. I just want it to be right. And I’m ok with taking it apart if it’s not. My first hand bag took me a week to finish it. My second one, only about a day. It’s because I’m not afraid to start over if I make a mistake. It’s good practice.

Sometimes I laugh at myself and think, God created the world in six days, yet it takes me seven to create just a bag. Quickly I am put in my place.

I don’t stop, though. I get so excited once I finish something. I just want to show everyone. I show my kids, who by the way, can’t care less. I share it on my social media, where everyone thinks I’m awesome and don’t see all my mistakes.

And I picture God being the same way with what he’s created. He probably showed, I don’t know, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, his creations after each day and he probably said, “That’s so cool! I wonder what else I can make?”

See, I don’t think God only looked at the light, after making the heaven and the earth, and thought that it was good. He probably thought, that’s STINKIN’ AWESOME! Cuz I know how excited I get after I’ve completed something out of nothing and I know my excitement has come from somewhere.

And by the time he finished making man he was probably just like DONE with it. I’ve been there too.

Tried working on a pair of shoes this weekend. Yeah, they didn’t go as planned. Let’s just say, I didn’t look at them and say, “It is good.” It was more like, “Yeah, I’m done.”

They were hard and complicated. I was a little over my head too. They frustrated the crap out of me. I eventually gave up. Brought me back to my place.

I may like to create, but I’m not God.

I’m sure he didn’t feel we were all that complicated. He wasn’t overwhelmed. But I do believe he gets frustrated with us, just the same.

But look what he’s done. He created the heavens and the earth, day one. Separated the water from the sky, day two. And he made land and trees, day three. He made the sun and the moon, day four. Birds that fly and fish that swim, day five. And on the sixth day be made man to rule over all the animals be made earlier that day.

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good! – Genesis 1:31

He was stoked, I tell you. I know this because he created me in his image. We’re all able to create something. And those feeling we get after we do…well they come from him!

Think about that the next time you make something. You are sharing the feelings of God. What an awesome experience that is! Does it bring you closer? It should.

He’s right there…inside of you.

What an awesome distraction!

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