Day 30 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Today is the day. Day 30 of 30. I may stop posting my prayers here, but I will never give up praying for my son.

Lord, thank you for being so faithful. Thank you for carrying me through these first 30 days. I know I can get through them all, now.

His life is just beginning.

May this be the first of the many times you hold us up. Keep us close, Lord. Keep us close to you.

Forever, hear me stand at the door, and yell your name. I still pray for the day he hears me too.

Lord, I thank you that you never sleep. Because even though I grow weary, I know you stand tall. Your love endures forever.

I hope you never grow tired of my Mother’s Prayer.

Please keep him safe. Please help him make wise decisions. Please help him learn and grow wise. May he fear you. May he cry out to you when he’s in trouble. May I one day become safe for him. May he always know he is loved and he has a home. Please build up his self-esteem. May he understand his worth. May he know he is yours.

It is this, Lord, and so much more that I pray, in your son’s holy name, amen.

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