Day 29 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

It looks like he’s doing well. He has a plan. His grades are up. He’s getting to school. From the outside he really looks like he has it all together.

However, it may all be a facade. If it is, and he needs help…well, you know what is best. May your will prevail.

I know he has a little sister here who misses him terribly. A momma too.

Help us, Lord. Help us to accept your will, if this is how you want things to go. If he would be better off in somebody else’s home, then let it be.

Help us fill his void with anticipation of great things to come for him. Help us be happy for his decisions.

Help me to remain supportive and not judgmental. Help me to remain in the background, but able to step up when and if he needs something.

May I still be used to educate him. May he see me as someone is safe and feels comfortable to come home.

I expect great things from him, Lord. Just like I expect great things from you. I put my trust in you.


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