Day 26 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer


If he must go, please don’t let him forget how he was raised. I know he wasn’t raised like his friends. I know he probably resents me for that. But Lord, when the time comes, let him remember.

Let it be a safe haven for him. Let it ultimately give him hope, when things are dark. Let it be a reminder to him, that he is always welcome to come back.

When that day comes, let him not feel guilt or shame, but instead comfort.

He was raised to put his trust in you. He was raised to love other because you first loved him. He was raised to sing your praises because you are our rock and our foundation.

You bring hope, not condemnation.

So Lord, when he grows tired may he find new strength. May he soar high on wings like eagles. May he run and not grow weary. May he walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

This is how he was raised, Lord.

And even though he’s acting like he doesn’t know, we both know who’s he belongs to. Let him one day remember too.

It’s never too late to come back home. It’s never too late to come back where he belongs.

In our Savior’s name, Amen!

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