Day 25 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

I don’t think he’s coming back, Lord. This makes me really sad. I guess, some things he has to learn for himself. I am discouraged he is in such a hurry to grow up.

I don’t understand his motivation.

For this reason I ask that you give him direction. Help him make a plan for the course he wants to go, even if I don’t understand it.

Please give me peace of mind.

If he is truly so ready to leave, then please make me ready to let him go.

Surround me with others who have gone before me. May I learn from their wisdom and be encouraged by their stories.

Help me learn how to parent beside him, instead of parenting over him. This job never ends, only changes.

You changed me into the mom he needed when he was once born. I’m now asking you to change me into the mom he needs now.

With a loving, grieving heart,

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