Day 24 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Lord, tonight I just feel fear. Fear of not knowing what he’s doing. Fear of not knowing what his plans are. Fear of him not meeting my expectations.

I hate feeling like this.

For years, no my entire life, I had let fear rein over me. It dictated what I did/do, daily. I have allowed it to alter who I am.

So many things I regret, not doing. I was always afraid of doing something stupid, foolish. But while living carefully, I found that I was not living at all.

Playing it safe is not what I would want for my child. Let him take chances, let him take risks, let him be brave.

Lord, I ask that you guide my son. May fear be a motivator in his life, and not a barrier.

There are things he is asking to face earlier than I did. This scares me. Do not let him see my fear. Do not allow him to be like me. May he be courageous and daring.

Rein over him, Lord. May he submit to you. May the fear that’s lives inside of him, if any is to live, be that of you.

And may wisdom be his reward.

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