Day 23 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Dear God,

What does he need from me? Is there any way I have let him down? Is there any way I can redeem our relationship?

Please help us make this right. Others are looking to him for guidance. His brothers and sister, watch to see what he’s doing.

Help us set the standard for the others to follow. Let them see our struggle. Let them see our tough love. Let them see us grow closer together, even though we are farther apart.

Lord, please help turn him into a leader. You put him in the position to be one. Help him gain his confidence in his role. Help him stand up and do what’s right.

Lord I’m leaning on you. I’m trusting you will make all things right. I pray he learns to lean on you too. I still want that for him.

Please help him accept his role in life. Let him know he would not be where he is without you placing him there. Please help him see he is more than he’s come to be.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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