Day 20 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Father,

There is a scary world out there. I am just now understanding the magnitude of its destruction.

Please keep my son safe from it. Keep all my kids safe from it. But since I have even less influence over this one, please provide a protection that I cannot give.

Lord, make his path straight. Reveal your plan for his future.

Lord, and if he is facing any destruction that this world has to offer, please instill a sense of security in me for him.

Please always give him a place to go to. Someone he can talk to.

May he never know what it means to be lonely. Although, this may be something he craves, may he not like it.

Let him miss us. Allow him to feel my love, and long to be loved again. Let him miss the noise through the walls, the yelling down the halls, no privacy, having to wait in line for the bathroom, having to share the TV.

May the quiet be too much for him.

Lord, I pray for that day. I look forward to having him back. Keep him close to you, Lord, until that day comes.

In your son’s name, amen.

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