Day 12 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer


Thank you for revealing truth to me and allowing me to piece things together, that which I don’t understand.

Tonight, I ask you to reveal the truth to my son, as well. Help him see what is real, and what has been made up and why.

He’s going to need a lot of growing up to do, and I pray you will insistently, but gently aid in the process.

Help him see truth, and consequences, and then understand them both.

I’m passing the baton on to you, Lord. You absolutely know what is best. Please help me to live this as if I believe it to be true.

Continue to grow us.

I ask for myself, that you would help me to not be easily deceived. Help me spot untruths. And help me stand up to and call out the lies that surround my family.

Sanctify us, Lord. Keep us separate from what the world deems normal. Instill in us your ways and may we never deviate from them.

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