Day 10 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Father,

Thank you for the warm bed and safe house you have brought my son to. Thank you for placing these people in his life when he needed them.

I ask that you bless this family beyond measure.

Please, carry them as they care for my son.

And Lord, I ask that you continue to work on my son’s heart.

May he know what a blessing it is to have someone take him in when they didn’t have to. When they were afraid to. But did it anyway.

Please help him keep his nose clean and not throw this gift away, by doing something stupid.

I continue to ask you to help him see past his circumstances of today, and understand the consequences of tomorrow.

Let him learn what it is like to be grateful. Let him see that nothing is guaranteed. Let him feel your favor and know it is from you.

Father, change his heart. Please help him see the love around him and help him feel safe enough to give love back through discipline and respect.

Thank you for growing him into the man you have planned him to be. Thank you for remembering him, for smiling on him, and letting your glory rest on him.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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