Day 9 of 30: A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Tonight I pray for his maturity. If you do not bring him home, please grow him up.

Let him see the challenges he needs to face to become independent. Give him opportunities to become responsible.

Give him a vision, a goal, a purpose. Then help him arise to that position.

May he become fearless. And when he’s not, let it motivate him to become better.

Allow his confidence to grow as his dependably develops.

May his thinking become clearer and his imagination expand.

Keep him grounded in you and your plans.

May he be honorable and respectful.

Lord, use him to do your good. Mentor him in ways that would allow him pass your wisdom on to others.

May he become a blessing to you and to others.

And may he become the apple of your eye.

I love him, Lord.

In your son’s holy name, amen.

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