As He Sets

Growing up in Arizona, I have seen the sun set over the mountains, time and time again. I must say, it is beautiful.

Every time, there is an explosion of color that smear the western sky, shades of red, orange, blues and purple.

Tonight I watched the sun set into the ocean.

It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful events I’ve seen.

I was standing on a hill, several miles away from the water, I’m sure, and I was in awe of how high the horizon hung in the sky.

I witnessed a huge, quiet ball of flames slowly descend into nothing.

There was no explosion of colors. There was no flicker of light. The was no popping of its brilliance.

It just slowly, but steadily sank into the vast pool of water.

It left quietly, although, the sky still glowed around me.

I felt small as the sight took my breathe away. I was overwhelmed.

It was for me to see.

I stood there in the wonderment of God’s creation.

I have seen him as the sun has set behind the majestic peeks of mountains. And again, I see that he is displayed in the calmness of the sea.

He truly is everywhere. His creations radiates his glory.

I can’t wait to experience him again….and differently, tomorrow.


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