Most Amazing Weekend

I just had the most AMAZING weekend with my Justice!

Seriously, I can’t ever remember enjoying his company as much as I did.

I’m not saying things didn’t get intense. They did. A couple of times, actually, but he pulled himself together pretty quickly.

When he did start to fall apart he was able to communicate what was going wrong. He could tell me he knew his behavior was not right. He did not take his frustration out on me. And he apologized rather quickly, once he pulled himself together.

Oh my gosh, I don’t know if it is he’s just maturing or is the combination of that and his new treatment, but he was a different kid.

I was able to relax around him. I didn’t have to walk on eggs shells or wait for the other shoe to drop, if you know what I mean.

We had a good time.

He is so funny. His sense of humor is so wrong. He is so inappropriate. He’s so dark. But again, is so funny. Funny now, because he was able to recognize the thin line of, “Ok, Justice, you’ve gone too far”, and not cross it.


That’s been a tough line for him to learn. Lots of arguments and hurt feelings have happened because of that line.

He’s my Car Chat Kid. He will go just about any place I go, just to get out of the house. That could be a trip to grab food, to driving to drop off something for someone way across town, or to picking up plastic bags from a friend, down town. We did all three this weekend, and boy did we talk!

We talked about drugs, we talked about lying, we talked about how ghetto we were while I was a single mom, and the school he first went to. He was actually pretty proud of it. He said his friends like him, because he doesn’t act White. I think it’s because he’s so inappropriate, but that might just be his mom talking.

We even talked about how amazing the 80’s were! Ok, maybe that part was all me, but I got him to watch a YouTube video about who Duran Duran was and their top ten hits.

On a trip to a grocery store, I got swindled by hustler, well sort of. She waited by my side door waiting for me to get out. I knew before I even opened it, she was going to ask for something.

She did. She was asking for money, or groceries, or even just diapers for her daughter if I didn’t believe she had really hit tough times and was in desperate need.

She sprinkled it with a lot of, God Bless You’s and God Be With You’s. Ugh, I hate when people use His name to try to make you feel guilty.

He called it. Walking back out to the parking lot with a bag of size six diapers, she was nowhere to be seen. “She didn’t want your diapers, mom. She just wanted your money. ”

He actually took my ghetto points away for not recognizing it first.

It’s alright. I gained them back during an episode of The Goldbergs. It was the scene where Murray was giving his son Barry a driving lesson and Barry was trying to smack the crap out of his little brother, Adam, in the back seat of the car. His dad yells out, hitting small children in the back of the car, while driving, was an advanced maneuver.

“Justice, remember the wooden spoon I kept on the dash of my car? ”

” High five, mom! That was pretty ghetto. ”

Ah, good times.

Also, for the record, if you love the 80’s as much as I do, The Goldbergs, is awesome. It’s on Hulu. I love his mom and I’m getting all my boys a Mom Locket for their 16th birthdays. Just so they could have their mom close to their hearts, for always. Justice has already told me, he’d wear it with pride. 🙂

Yeah, it was a pretty good weekend. We stayed up until after ten watching silly sitcoms with Tim Allen, and Roseanne Barr, while listening to his shocking and disturbing jokes, as I plarned more bags for sleeping mats.

The highlight of the weekend, though, came at 5am this morning when I picked up my phone to turn off the alarm and there was a missed text. It was from Justice…

Love you good night.

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