Missional Residency

Oh my goodness, I thought chapter ten was going to kill me. I kept reading, and reading and thinking, “Is this about done? I can’t take much more.” Conviction, that is.

This chapter really got into the nuts and bolts of how to disciple. It’s done through missional work.

“Through that first trip, I learned that we were the ones who were served—God used the mission to change us. That’s the beauty of a mission trip. The ones on the mission are often more profoundly impacted than anyone else. The mission happens to them. They go to make disciples, but they are the ones who are changed while on the mission. The mission itself is God’s tool for forming us.” – Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life, by Jeff Vanderstelt

Every year for the past four, maybe five years I’ve helped served at Glendale Glitters. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s a time my church serves the community.

Most of the time we interact with the children in the craft tent. It’s a lot of fun most of the time. But other times, it’s cold, wet, crowded, loud and miserable.

I’m finding the reason why Glendale Glitters is so important, is not so much because we have access to hundreds of people to bring to Christ, but it’s because it’s a training ground for us!

During our service, God is shaping us, molding us to be disciples and to make disciples. It’s our on-the-job training.

I don’t have to get frustrated with the process of discipling, or feeling like I’m not discipling, as long as I’m being trained to disciple.

It’s foolish for me to believe that I should know how to disciple just because I go to church and I’ve taken a few classes. Just as a doctor who has to complete their residency, I must also engage in my training as well.

A few weeks ago, with less than an hours notice, my husband and I were notified that church was going to be canceled so that we may all be able to go to one of our friends’ house to help with yard work. They had been sick for such a long time and were starting to feel overwhelmed by all the work that needed to be done outside.

I am ashamed to say, I was pissed!

I had less than an hours notice. We were going over to a bunch of sicko’s house. Probably going to catch our death as well. I had to change…ok I didn’t have to change. What does that say about a church that the clothes I wear to it, I can just as easily wear to do yard work? Hmm?

I was so proud of myself for speaking up and professing my disappointment, but soon felt conviction when I was told, “I’m sorry, Kim. I thought this is what we do? Next time I will give it more planning.”


This IS what we do!

Missional work breaks you and brings you to your knees before Jesus. It strips away the facade that you are justified, perfect, have it all together, and reveals who you really are.

But it doesn’t leave you there.

I am selfish, self-centered, without compassion, prideful, and a control freak. Bet you didn’t know that about me. Yeah, me either! But now I’m aware of it.

The Holy Spirit can work on it. Can change it…through missional work; my discipleship training ground.

I’m learning, to make disciples, is putting them in situations that reveal their true selves, so that they may see how wretched they really are, and how amazing Christ is.

I know that even with my ugly heart, I am still forgiven, and loved. I receive grace and compassion. And I can give it too. Well, with Jesus’ help. I’m still in training.

Well, I feel like I have some phone calls I need to make. I have some apologies to give out. I don’t want my training to be in vane. I want it to be in Christ.

So with that in mind…who has some yard work they need done?

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