Taking Back My 5 Minutes

I have a son who turned 18 a week ago. I’ve been pushing him to get his driver’s permit.

Two years ago I was pushing him to get a job. I knew a whole new world would open up for him if he found work outside of home and school.

And it has! But it also took a whole year and a half to get him out there.

He’s a little slow on the growing up part. It’s ok. He’ll get there eventually. I’m not worried about him getting his permit, one day. It will happen.

But if we’re not careful time can move quickly too.

It has been suggested that I need to stop driving my 18th old son to work, which is less than a mile from our house, and start making him walk.

I understand the value of teaching him responsibility and independence, but what people don’t understand is I drive him to spend time with him.

He’s got new friends. He’s learning new things. He’s being introduced to outside opportunities.

It’s less than five minutes away, depending on traffic, but I milk it for all its worth.

I want to hear about his new world. We talk about school. We talk about family. We talk about the future.

All in five minutes to and from his work, he’s mine.

He lives in my house but I hardly ever get to see him. He’s either sleeping or at school. I see him for a few minutes, while he’s transitioning from one to the other.

That’s it, other than driving him to and from work. This is the only alone time I get. Call me selfish, but I don’t want to give up that time.

So I will compromise. I will not be driving him to work anymore. He will walk. He’s been walking. But after letting this go on for a week, I’ve decided something.

If he is to walk, then I will walk too. I’m still teaching him responsibility and independence but I’m also teaching him he’s loved.

Besides… I get more than five minutes! 🙂

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