Happy Birthday, Butterfly!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to take the time to introduce you to a one of a kind, highly motivated, inspiring little girl of all time!

She is the youngest of six children. The only girl. And is NOT a tomboy!

At the age of five, she was hospitalized at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and treated for Kawasaki Disease. She sustained NO permanent damage to her heart. Just one day after her release, she attended her first day of kindergarten!

She is the creator of the popular family and friends’ holiday we celebrate every year. Yay Day! is celebrated every year on July 24th, all over the Phoenix metro area by friends and family who invite us over for cookies and selfies.

She is as wise as she is beautiful. Upon offering me a Sour Patch Kid and my refusal she responds, “No momma. You can eat anything. You’re choosing not too.”

She has no filter. Which is lucky for me she has a super pure heart. Anything that comes in her head, pops right out her mouth.

She used to tell her baby sitters I wouldn’t feed her just to get more chips!

She invites herself to her friends’ house to play…or eat…or sleep.

She pushes me to be the mom I should be, instead of letting me be the one I would settle being.

She plays with people, not things.

She is friends to everyone, including the mean ones.

She wraps her oldest brother around her finger, along with most adults.

She does not accept no as an answer.

Her heart, she wears on her sleeve.

She once hand wrote birthday invitations for her “family only” birthday party, and passed them out to her friends. Four kids showed up unexpectedly and she came home from school the following Monday with a gift from a boy who couldn’t make it!

She doesn’t understand why our church friends are not her aunts and uncles.

She asks anyone with grey hair if she can call them grandma.

Frequently I get a pit in my stomach, just by hearing her say, “You know what would be fun?”

She is completely puzzled why I’m always upset with her for feeding the entire neighborhood. Which she would do…everyday.

She has signed herself up for the aftercare program at her school, just to hang out with her friends.

Her life is a musical. She can break out into song and dance at any moment. And frequently does.

My goodness, I could go on and on and on about her…and today she is only TEN!

Happy birthday, my social Butterfly! YOUR MOMMA LOVES YOU!

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