Do You Spin?

You know what I’ve been doing all day?


Not the good kind. Not the fun kind.

All morning I’ve been spinning. Worrying about how I’m going to get through my day. How am I going to get everything done? How am I going to get everything done for today, as well as do everything I wasn’t able to finish yesterday.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Words in my head are spinning at about 300,000 mph. Thoughts are changing before I can finish one. I’m speaking faster, and louder.

I need to stop.


This morning after dropping the kids off at school, I went to take care of a blood test I need for work. I was told I couldn’t schedule an appointment, but when I got there, I quickly learned there was no way they were going to get to me before I had to leave.

I would have to leave to pick up Justice from school to take to his med check appointment. So it’s too early to get him now but not enough time to go to a box store to pick up some items I wasn’t able to get to yesterday.

I went home…still spinning.

The spinning really started after I left my house at 6:30am to pick Justice up from his dad’s. Sometime after I had left, Tunes had called me to inform me of his current panic attack, and how he can’t go to school…again.

Now is 9:30. I left home to go get Justice. Except that I forgot to go get him. I had started to drive to his appointment without him.

Turn back around to go get him.

Once we are in his appointment he informs his doctor, that although all weekend be had talked about coming back home half time, and after we discussed changing bedrooms around, AND bought new bunk beds, that in fact, he DOESN’T want to come back home half time.

I’m spinning.

Drop him off.

Pick up Fun. He has an appointment to remove his cast. He broke his foot four weeks ago.

Get to his appointment to be notified that his appointment is actually set for NEXT Monday at 1:00, not noon today. What!? Ummm, no. Really this can’t be happening.

Fun starting to completely fall apart right there in the lobby. Mom not too far behind him.

Nice lady disappears briefly then reappears, asking if we could be back at 2. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

We leave, planning on stopping by the big box store I couldn’t get to yesterday. Grabbed our stuff and got out.

Get home with 30 minutes to relax before we head back.

Aww…maybe everything is alright. Maybe I can stop spinning.

Thirty minutes later Fun and I are getting up to head back…

….and I forgot to feed him.


Get to his appointment, removed his cast.

Ok, we are doing ok now. I’ll stop by some place to feed him on our way home.

I receive a text from Handsome Husband, “Are you home yet?”

YET?! Now what have I forgotten?

Still spinning.

Do you spin? I don’t recommend it. You know how I wish I could face this day? One moment at a time. Prayfully. It doesn’t always happen. Sure not today.




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