Make This Better!

Dear God,

I need you. Remember when these kids were little, and I was by myself, and I needed you? Yeah, I need you like that. Even though they are older, and I’m not by myself, I still need you. Even more!

I’m counting on you. I’m counting on you to come through for me. You promised. You need to come through for me, because I can’t do this. No I can’t. I need you. Without you, these kids are screwed. I am done. There is no hope.

You know, it’s easy to try to model after you and do what you ask when you got great kids. When you’re life is easy, everything is easy. But today is not easy! These kids are not easy!

I’m messing this up, and if I’m not messing this up, you need to show me I’m not messing this up.


If I were someone else I would just leave. But I’m not. I’m yours. And you promised you would never leave me. You told me you would make my path straight. You work for the good of those who love you.

So this is me, at my end, asking you to do something on yours.

Make THIS better! Please.

With love,
Your favorite (remember?)

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