And Then BAM, He Was There!

Christmas morning I texted my husband.

Am I crazy?

What are you talking about?

Here I am, 7:30 Christmas morning, in a park, by myself, looking for Jesus when I have six kids at home waiting on Santa.

Maybe Jesus is here…just sayin’.

We were successful in making not 20, but 22 sleeping mats for those who are homeless and I really, really wanted to watch them being passed out. I wanted to see Jesus. Now, I don’t know what that means, because I didn’t get to see it happen.

There I was…alone. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Maybe something came up. Maybe my contact person didn’t think I was serious. Our maybe I am just crazy and I imagined the whole conversation.

I went home, disappointed.

I had decided that maybe I don’t get to see the people I impact. Maybe that’s apart of God’s plan. Maybe He wants to see how committed I am if I don’t see the payoff.

Boy, I’m sure using a lot of maybes.

You know what I’m certain of? God is faithful. All over the Bible I am told that He loves me. That He wants what’s best for me. That He has a plan for me. That I am blessed. And I am told, if I search for Him, I will find Him.

Have you felt the presence of God? Have you seen him? His work is amazing. Things that shouldn’t happen, happen.

We live in a dark, dark world, and through Jesus, He gives hope. He gives hope this world can never give.

So I search for Him. Like a crazy woman, I suppose.

Yeah, I was disappointed I didn’t get to see Jesus, ¬†Christmas morning. But you know what I saw today?


BAM! Right there on my Facebook news feed was this picture. JESUS!

A friend posted this picture after seeing someone ride off on their bike with his mat. I’m guessing she needed to see Jesus more than I did, today.

And that specific mat? We could instantly identify who made it by the pink stripe. She needed to see Jesus too.

I love getting to share my Jesus! I think maybe this was His whole plan from the beginning. This is so much more fun! After all, what good is it to have such a treasure, and not share it with your friends?

I had another girlfriend text me this evening asking if I wanted to go searching for Jesus again.

Ok, maybe those weren’t her exact words. It sounded more like, “Hey, are you ready to start making more mats?”

So yeah, I think I am. And I think I’m going to look for a few more friends too. You know, so I can share my Jesus.

Who’s in?

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