I Saw Jesus Today

I saw Jesus today. Actually I saw Him this weekend at Glendale Glitters. Sometimes I have to look really hard for him, and other times His presence is so strong I start to cry.

Friday night, I was encouraged to go check out a booth sponsored by Operation Marshmallow.

Jesus was there!

Operation Marshmallow is a non-profit organization that works with recruiting volunteers and sending different kinds of care packages to solders overseas.

Anyway, after one of their organizers filled me in on what they do, and I filled her in on what Girls’ Club does, it was all we could do to not cry.

She’s coming to one of our first Club nights, in January to tell the girls how we can help our troops. Do you know how exciting that is!? Do you know how excited they’ll be!? I’M SO EXCITED!

Yep, it was Jesus.

Later in the weekend I took a step back to look around. There was SO MANY people. It was crazy just trying to walk around.

I found a corner, back in the craft tent where I just hung out and watched.

Where are you God? I know you’re here. I can feel you.

And then I saw Him.

We had strategically tried to place our trash boxes in such a way that would keep parents and their strollers from coming all the way up to our tables. You see when they did, they would take up so much room, the other kids couldn’t get in too.

It didn’t matter where we stuck those boxes. Those parents wanted in. At first I was annoyed but then I saw it.

It was their love. Their love for their kids kept them from seeing they were blocking other kids. They weren’t doing it to be mean. They wanted their kid to be apart of something. And they didn’t want to miss seeing their kids apart of something!

I stood there wondering, why on earth would someone wait in such a long line? It was for their kid. It sure wasn’t for the paper cup, bell Christmas tree ornament made out of paint and pipe cleaners.

Seriously, this confused me. I love my kids, but never would I stand in a line, such as this.

It was Jesus.

And these kids! Oh my gosh. What cuties. These kids where so into painting these ornaments. I mean they painted the heck out of them. They were offered two colors, red and green. A lot of these kids walked away with nothing but brown paper cups.

I saw Him again.

He was creating in these little hands. He was making something new. He was deliberate. He was putting everything He had into these ornaments. And boy was He proud of himself.

And they would look up at their parents beaming with excitement and looking for approval. And He’d give it to them. Each and every one.

Would you like to know where I saw Him the most?

He was in OUR children. The children of those of us who came to volunteer.

I am not kidding, there was no room for us at the tables. It was our children who was just the right size to stand up next to kids and show them what they would be doing. We simply took up too much room.

God planned it that way. Our children stood there with confidence, walking the smallest kiddos, to their great big ol’ dads, on what each step of the craft was. They didn’t need us. All we did was keep their supplies full…and stayed out of their way.

At one point in the night, there just wasn’t enough room to serve everyone. The adults were considering moving another table in, but where would we put it?

And the kids, OUR KIDS brainstormed themselves and started carrying the supplies to the kids in line so by the time they got up to the front, they were ready to start assembly, that is if they hadn’t figured it out by then.

Our kids were teaching five, seven, ten kids at a time! From there, they moved into paint, and that was a breeze.

Can’t you just see Jesus at work? Working through the children. Making the adults look like fools. It was pretty cool.

So, there I stood in the corner of our tent trying to figure out where Jesus was. And after I got over seeing through my eyes the hustle and bustle, the pushy moms and dads, the little fingers and paint prints, I saw Jesus. And as I stood there I thought, from heaven, our tent must glow. He’s everywhere! Just look at Him!

2 thoughts on “I Saw Jesus Today

  1. I love this. I love that you look at things, inside the box, then outside the box. You stumble and begin to fall, and are caught by His love for you and your love for others. I AM A FAN, but not enough to be a fan under a tree. ;)) We love you and your family. It is a blessing to call you friends.


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