Where was Jesus?

So last night I went to serve at Glendale Glitters. It’s a big celebration that the city of Glendale puts on every weekend from the end of November until the beginning of January.

Really, serving at Glitters isn’t my favorite thing to do. Well, I really like serving at the craft tent, but I really really dislike standing on a corning passing out maps.

A lot of the time, the people are nice, take a map and say, thank you.

Most of the time people say, no thank you, then realize what you said and end up stopping and saying, Oh yeah! I’ll take one of those.

Still there are quite a few people who make eye contact with you but it is as if you are invisible and they’re looking right through you. They don’t say thank you or no thank you. They don’t say anything.

But this isn’t why I don’t like serving.

There are a TON of people! Like, they are all up in your way. Touching you, bumping into you. It is loud. And the worst is you are on your feet for five to six hours in the cold…sometimes rain.

But I go. Every year. I think this is my fourth. I went last night not feeling well. Actually not realizing how sick I was, or getting. By the time I left my throat was so sore I could barely talk. I was so cold, I couldn’t warm up. I slept in pj bottoms, socks, a sweatshirt and a coat. And I couldn’t breath. I was a mess. I’m still not feeling well today either.

The reason I still go, and the reason I will go again tonight is I’ve seen Jesus there. No really, I have! The most clearest memory I have of him there was when he gave a handful of broken Crayons to a little boy so he could finish his picture that he was going give as a present to his mom for Christmas.

I’ve seen him bring children because their parents had been in a car accident and needed a break from the the chaos in their lives.

I cried.

So even though I didn’t feel well last night, I really really wanted to go. I wanted to see Jesus again.

I went. I waited. I watched. I didn’t see Jesus. Why? Why couldn’t I see him? I knew he was there.

This morning while I was sharing with my husband my night, I keeping asking God over and over again, why didn’t I see you?

I asked Mike if he knew who Tara Hitchcock was. I grew up watching her on Channel 3 News. She was smart, beautiful and funny. Her and Patti Kirkpatrick are the only newscasters I can remember by name.

He said he did and asked why. I told him I gave her a map last night and she asked me where Kurt Warner was presenting the opening ceremonies. I directed her towards the stage.

Funny thing was, I didn’t recognize her. It wasn’t until she walked away from me and I heard a gentleman call her name, did it click who she was.

I told my husband I was surprised I didn’t recognize her. I thought I knew her.

I stopped mid stride as I heard the words leave my mouth.

Instantly I thought, what if I had seen Jesus and didn’t recognize him?!

I mean, I would think I would recognize him, but really would I? I thought I would know Tara, but honestly I haven’t watched the news in awhile. Mike says she’s not even in channel 3 anymore.

Do I really know Jesus? Would I recognize him? Do I study him enough? What is enough? I physically saw Tara everyday for years and years.

The idea of not recognizing Jesus makes me very sad and completely convicted. I need to read my Bible more. Like everyday! I need to study him. I need to learn who he is and what he looks like.

I want to see Jesus in the faces of strangers. I want to see him in the service of my friends. I want to see him the lives of those around me. I want to see him in me.

So, I gotta go. I’m hoping to serve tonight. I need to get some studying in, before I go. I don’t want to miss him AGAIN!

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