Today We Became A Family

Our boys, I tell you, they find it so difficult to get along with each other. And forget about getting them to help each other out. Not a chance. They are all out for themselves. It drives me crazy. None of them were raised that way. We’re constantly on them about helping their brothers, watching out for each other; sometimes just being nice is a stretch for them. But today! Today, I watched my boys and Mike’s boys turn into brothers.

This is the first weekend in years that we’ve had all the kids home at the same time. Butterfly and I went to the library for this thing she has on Saturdays. We asked everyone if they would like to come. They never do, but we still ask. My husband was at work. We had no idea when he would be home.

We were probably there for 10 minutes when I received a call from my oldest son that our house was on fire! I think what scared my daughter the most was I was running. She’s NEVER seen me run. Even though I told her everything was fine, we just needed to get home, she was pretty upset.

When we arrived I was greeted with crying kids, excited kids, and agitated kids, but I got to tell you, when I got the full story, I was such a proud momma of all my kids. THEY ARE ROCKSTARS!

Once Tunes realized that maybe the smoke detector wasn’t really trying to be annoying, but trying to tell him something, he found flames coming from our laundry room. He immediately started getting the kids out of the house and after calling 911, he called me to let me know the house was on fire, but everyone was fine. It was easy not to panic when I heard his voice. I could hear he had everything under control.

Justice…boy I don’t even know what got into him. Fire Chief asked who was the kid with the hose. The what? He wanted to shake Justice’s hand. He said if it wasn’t for him, we could have lost our house. Yeah, but I could have lost my son!

Gamer, he was the one helping Justice. He turned the water on and off for him. He also was who was taking care of our dog, Tank.

Fun and Smart…well they were actually listening to what the older kids where telling them…or yelling at them. They were awesome. This never happens either.

Now I may never be able to brag about my kids’ awesome grades. They may never be known for being gracious or generous. But I tell you what; they are fearless. They are the kids you want to go to and be with in times of trouble. They act fast and they DO work together.

This is the first traumatic experience they have had to face alone, and instead of acting separate, instead of dodging responsibility, instead of acting on their own, they came together, they problem solved, they protected each other and their home. They became a family. There was no us against them. There was no, I didn’t do it, you’re on your own. No. They were brothers.

I’m so stinkin proud of my boys! Of the brothers.

When I first got the call, I wasn’t able to reach my husband. I kept him informed via text though, not being sure when he was going to get them. He finally called me to make sure everyone was ok. I told him we were. He then said he was going to finish up what little work he had left. His Super asked him why he didn’t leave to get home?

He told them, “I don’t need to. I just talked to my wife. My family’s got it under control.”

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