Blending This Mess

I love hearing Fun ask if Smart will be staying home this weekend, because he will too if he does. Or Tunes, yelling down the hall for Gamer to get up, so he won’t miss the bus.

It makes my heart smile, because this wasn’t always the case.

Four years ago I married my best friend,  Mike…and his two kiddos, Gamer and Smart. They joined my crew, Tunes, Justice, Fun and Butterfly.

I love my family. We have the best family, ever! Ok, sometimes the kids need to be reminded. Sometimes I need to be reminded.

In the beginning, it was rough. I mean things were fine, until we all moved in together.

Holy cow! What a mess.

Everybody was up in everybody’s space. We got kids crammed on top of kids. And their stuff is everywhere.

Our backyard looks like a used bike and scooter lot. Laundry is done everyday.

The fighting was ridiculous.

That’s mine!
No, it’s mine!

Oh the tattling…the blaming…the Oh, I really don’t know how the remote to the tv got in my room.

THE YELLING!  Oh, our house is loud. Too loud.

Then there was the whole…”Mike, Honey, what’s up with your kids? They’re weird.”

And the, “MY kids are weird? You just spent five minutes waiting for your kid to organize a whole box of books by color, at the bookstore.”

Yeah, that IS weird.

That’s when we found out his kids were living with ADD and mine had anxiety.

It took some doctor appointments, education, rules, boundaries, and time, but I’m thinking we got this thing starting to turned around now. Oh it is not perfect. But it’s getting better.

We’ve started chore lists. Yeah, that was popular.

We’ve color coded our bath towels and drinking glasses. You’d be surprised how many towels and glasses end up in the backyard, and no one knows how.

We have a laundry system, a bathing schedule and bed times.

Now, things are great! Well, ok, maybe not great, but I have faith that we will be!

Yeah, we got kids sneaking out of the house together now. Well, we did. They were busted. Now we have locks on our doors and windows, not to keep people out….but to keep kids in.

I just love my family. BEST FAMILY, EVER!

Now we’re not so messy, but we’re still pretty sticky.

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